Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on hosting Saturday Night Live
Andrew: No, don't remind me about it. I'm genuinely wanting to jump out that window right now. I'm so excited and also panicked — deeply, deeply panicked. I'm starting to sweat.
Emma: There's nothing better. Anything could happen on that stage. You could throw up or die or something terrible could happen, and it's on the stage of SNL.
Andrew: All of that is going to happen. I'm going to die and then throw up.
"you can retake a class, you can’t retake life."
something one of my friends tweeted the other day (via thegreatestplottwist)

 I've just kind of gotten to understand what it's like to feed myself. I lived in New York for most of my 20s and you can pretty much order anything as if it were room service for delivery to your apartment. I was used to waking up in the morning and being like, “I'm gonna have some coffee and a newspaper and a bagel delivered, and I'm good!” Now I live in L.A. and that's not so easy. And now I'm back in New York and I'm like, “Maybe I shouldn't have given in to that desire to lay around and have food brought to me.”